Sending data from external forms into HubSpot



We have a problem with sending external form data to HubSpot via API call.

Dropdowns and checkboxes are not matched with the HubSpot properties. The value appears in red. At least “Branche” should match because the values send are named the same like the values of the dropdown.

More examples:

This is one of the forms:

Here you see the values which are send:

For checkboxes the values “true” or “false” are send. Is this correct or does he have to take “yes” and “no”? Because this is sth which also didn’t work correctly

Thanks for your help


Hi @Jaqueline

The values you send in the form data need to be an exact match to the value (not the label) of the option. Specifically for the Branche property, you need to use Car Industry with a capital I in industry, when the current value has a lowercase i.

Checkboxes should use the values true and false.