Sending Data to Form From 3rd Party Platform



I am working with a client on getting a 3rd party lead generation integration complete. The company is called Buyer Zone and they generate leads via a form hosted on their website. They asked me to create an exact copy of the form in HubSpot and a landing page for the form to live on. When they try to send the data from their site to our landing page they are getting a “403 Forbidden Error.” HubSpot says they cannot help with this matter and I am not a developer - not sure exactly what to do or what is going on. Anyone experience anything like this? Are we doing something wrong? Below is the error report from Buyer Zone.

We added fields for HubSpot ID and Form ID, but we are still getting the 403. See backend log:

Failed to send. Type: [New CLD]. Quote request id: [1]. Response code: [403].

Target url:

Data sent: [zip=02451&phone=888-393-5000&portalId=2680194&state=MA&lastname=Doe&firstname=John&what_type_of_life_do_you_need_=Articulated Boom Lift&city=Waltham&are_you_looking_for_a_new_or_reconditioned_lift_=New&what_are_the_ground_conditions_where_this_lift_will_be_used_=Smooth Surface&job_title_=CFO&formId=e20cf8b0-7d56-49a3-8945-c5901f922a84&address=225 Wyman Street& Test Lead&what_is_your_preferred_financing_method_=Purchase&industry_you_work_in_=Advertising/Marketing/PR&how_soon_do_you_need_your_lift_=ASAP].

Response message: [Response Message: [403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden





You can’t do a POST to the HubSpot landing page, that will cause the 404. GET is the only supported Request type. Aside from that, even if you could POST, you would have no way of manipulating the posted data to fill the form fields since HUBL is front-end, not backend.

If you simply change your form method from post to get
<form method="get" action="" target="_blank">
Your form should work and the Hubspot form should automatically prepopulate the fields for you.

I’m going to append the form data to the url of your Landing Page to show you what happens when the form data is sent as url parameters.

Visit this link:

All of the form fields should be prepopulated.


Thank you so much! I will let you know how this goes.