Sending email engagement data from HubSpot to 3rd Party Email Platform?


Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to get email engagement data from a 3rd party email platform (in this case called CCMP) into HubSpot.

We use a third party integration tool called Zapier in order to trigger HubSpot web hooks, and post CCMP emails via Zapier. CCMP has a functionality to create API posts (Post URL) that can be used to trigger web hooks - these are supported by data options of available fields i.e. tables, or form data.

If we are able to contain email engagement into form data from CCMP, and send back to HubSpot - with a connection from Zapier, can HubSpot properties update by themselves based on email responses from a third party email platform?

Hoping for any suggestions or help please?

Many thanks,