Sending email on dynamic user segment


I need help to better design how we send email to our customers through Hubspot. We have maybe strange use case where we are a middleman for our customers. Once a sale is done, we are going to register their customers as new contacts to different segments (split by location and time) so we can contact them to execute the sale. We can’t know in advance all the possible mixes of location and time which makes our segments completely dynamic.

Right now, when a new sales is done, we create (through the API) 1 static list per segment and then register contacts (through the API) on the right list. This allow our marketing team to contact 1 or multiple segments as they need during the execution of the sale. We can’t merge those segments because it would remove too much flexibility for our marketing team. The issue with our current approach is that we hit the 1,000 static lists limit of Hubspot.

Another option we thought of was to use a custom attributes on a contact but we will get the same issue: 1,000 limit on the number of options per picklist.

Then, we thought of maybe using HubDB. We could have one DB per sale and then having 1 line per contact (which will be below the 10,000 limit or we can work around that limit easily). The issue with this option is that I didn’t see anywhere that it was possible to send email to a HubDB or create a list from a HubDB.

What are Hubspot customers using as a feature when they have dynamic segments for their contacts?