Sending email using Single Send API


Hi there,

I'm using the single-send API to send emails from my app, but does anyone have recommendations to have the email 'obey' blacklists/opt-out lists like 'typical' marketing email.

There's a check subscription api, but the onus would be on the app to have to do it every time for every send.

Model/pattern I'm looking for is where my app just trigger email sends and hubspot will house the logic on whether it goes out and not.


Hi @Stephen_Valencia --

The single send API will automatically respect the subscription preferences of the email and recipient you're sending. No need to do a check on your end.


thx for the confirmation. Noticed that as long as you have the right Subscription Type set (not 'Transactional') on the email, then the behavior is just that. Had the wrong impression that single send would only work on emails marked 'transactional'