Sending more than one custom url to a contact in separate emails



Im really hoping someone can help me here.....
I want to send an automated email with a custom url to our contacts.
I created a workflow that sent an email triggered on custom url being known and the contact owner being X.
This workflow then triggered an automatic email to the contact from their contact owner with a custom url link - great!
But my issue is, if we update or create a new custom url for the contact, how do i re-enroll them into this same workflow. Or how do I send them another email from contact owner X with their new custom url.
The custom url is generated automatically from an external source (our app).

I tired to add "clear property value" for custom url property to the end of the workflow so that would remove them and then when a new url was added to the property the workflow would be triggered again. BUT this then just deleted the custom url link from the original email..

Any help much appreciated.

Generating dynamic URL based on a contact property
Generating dynamic URL based on a contact property

Welcome, @allison.c!

Would you share link to the workflow in question? I'd like to take a closer look at your enrollment criteria and actions.

Additionally, could you clarify what you mean by "this then just deleted the custom URL link from the original email"? Are you sending out these emails before clearing the contact property value at the end of the workflow? If so, the emails should send with the proper link and it won't change once it reaches the recipient's inbox and you then clear the property value in HubSpot. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding you.

Finally, did you reach out to HubSpot support regarding this question? The support team is well-equipped to tackle these types of questions and they're usually a bit faster than we are on the Forum!