Sending "Sales Document" Email via API


I’m trying to send a “Sales Document” (not a COS File) to clients after they fill out a certain form. Ideally, it would process not as a workflow, but through my app sending a second, direct API call to email the document.

Currently, it’s easy to send a document via HubSpot Sales > Documents web interface. I haven’t been able to find anything about a Sales API—does such a thing exist?

Alternatively, what would you recommend doing for this usage scenario:

  1. User fills out form and is presented with several file download options
  2. User selects zero or more file options
  3. User receives email from HubSpot (one per document selected) with download link (for tracking)

The Single-send API could be a solution, but I imagine there is a more elegant way…


Right now there isn’t a Sales Document API to get the documents or the URLs to them. You could hold the URLs in an array in your application and when you get the results of which documents they chose to download you could then email the links to the documents with out HubSpot sending them to you as you would have them hard-coded in. Do you have the marketing platform? You could potentially create a workflow on that side of the house to accomplish what you are looking to do as well.