Sent email event statistics for company users


I cannot really find how can I fetch the sent email event statistics e.g.: SENDS, OPEN RATE, CLICK RATE for our company employees (users). Is it possible somehow? In API page, under events there is no example or API call for it.


@tatobi There isn’t a way to get aggregate stats, but you can get all of the events for a specific email address using this endpoint, and the recipient= parameter:


@dadams Thank you, it was clear. I already checked the API you referenced, but especially I need the sender “from” address events, for our company sales member, not the recipient’s one. There is a “Sales” plug-in template, it shows it somehow, but I need to solve it by API to send out weekly sales team member’s personal statistics by email. I would be happy if a plug-in could solve it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.


Hello, I am wondering if this issue was ever solved as I am dealing with the same problem now.