Server log request


According to this post (Server Logs & Hubspot) it's possible to receive a portion of the server log for my account. I don't see an obvious way to request the log. I'm looking for a specific date range (8/10/18 - 9/10/18). Please advise.


Hi @kerry,

To echo David's response:



We created an event tracker for a PDF download. That event tracker was accidentally removed for a period of time, so we have no data on downloads from 8/10-9/9.

Additionally, I’d like to see which IP addresses are downloading the PDF. I’m trying to test messaging and I need to be able to see which prospects are downloading the PDF.

I’m looking for data that shows:

Date (optional)

File requested (

IP address

You have a report that shows the resolved IP address and how many visits/page views from each (your prospects report). I’d like to know if any of those prospects downloaded the PDF.

Thank you.



Hi @kerry,

Thanks for clarifying. Now knowing your use case, however, I won't be able to provide that information. We don't capture or store logs of visitors or IP addresses on file manager assets.

As outlined in this article, prospect report information is captured by the HubSpot tracking code, which cannot track file URLs.