Server timeout error


We are trying to create a page via the COS Page Publishing API. Everything worked as expected until a couple hours ago. Currently, we are either getting a 504 error response header, or, in rare cases when the procedure succeeds, it takes very long time to finish, and we have no way of tracking the event of that being finished. By long I mean about 15 minutes, when normally, before this issue, it got done in about 20 seconds. Any ideas what could this be caused by?


Hi @Sergey_Grigoryan

Are you seeing individual requests take 15 minutes? Do you have an example of a request you saw that with? Most of our APIs have significantly lower timeout settings (usually 60s or less).


Not individual, but not too many as well, something like 3-4 requests, which all together took less than a minute before. The issue fixed itself when we came this morning, so I can’t provide an example anymore. However, do you have any idea why the 504 error could’ve occured?