Set a default value for a custom property


Hi friends!!

I have a custom property as a dropdown select which now it's binary (we don't know if it will handle other values in the future, so that's why it's a dropdown instead of a checkbox or a radio button). I only want to handle one of those two values: YES or NO. No empty values, no both values. The fallback should stay on NO, but I can't find (if it exists) a "default" value to this kind of selector. There's a setup window for this that I've missed?

BTW, the companies should come from API, form, tracked email.... I can control it via API, of course, but I need to control the other two sources


Hi @juancruzbasebone,

There isn't any way to set a default value at the property definition level. You can set a default value for a property in forms, and you could create a workflow to automatically update records that don't have a value for the property in question, but otherwise it's not possible to force a property to always have a value.


Another way (but more difficult to pull off) is to create a custom app and tell it to listen to a webhook on whatever object you're working with. When it receives an event, it can set the default value of that property.

So if you're working with a deal:

Create Deal -> App receives webhook event -> App reads the deal -> App sets the deal property if it not set