Set avatar (photo) of contact


Is i can set photo of contact by API?
If it is true, how can i do it?


Hi @Aeliot-Tm

We don’t currently have a way to set the photo by API, only through the UI. This is something that we’ll likely add in the future.


Any updates on this? We have images of users we would like to use in the Hubspot CRM


Hello, any news on this request?


Hi, is more than a year, any news on setting avatar photo over the API?


Any news on that. We just evaluationg CRMs and sync out google contacts and wondering why a) there is no direct sync of contacts possible (but mail and calder, but hey! that a C!!!RM!) and then I claimed pisync not syncing pictures which works with prosperworks etc. An now I ready its not Pies fault, there is simply NO API for avatars. somehow unbelievable in a 2017 CRM.


is there any update on this?


another year has gone... is there any update on this?


Hi @p.broeckers,

While avatars still cannot be set or updated through the Contacts API, HubSpot still tries to fill a contact's profile picture from its proprietary database and via social media and other sites. Gravatars, for example, are often picked up. See this article for more information.