Set call outcome via API


I have a question. I know that you can pull call outcomes via API indirectly by parsing the engagements dispositions property. However, can you also set a call outcome via this same property? And if not... why not? This seems like a really really obvious oversight otherwise....

I know that you are pushing the calling feature, but that doesn't track inbound calls (which is highly weird for an 'inbound' platform btw....). Because of that we had to stay with Ring Central and use tenfold as a connector. But now they are telling me that their call disposition tool can't interact with hubspot's API to set the call outcome?


Hi @ApprovedAg,

You can set a call’s outcome by setting the disposition field when creating the engagement. For internal reasons, the disposition field accepts a set of IDs; you can see which IDs correspond to which call outcomes in the following FAQ article: