Set owner account into contacts



There is not any default property in order to set owner id with creating a new contact with API.

How can I set owner id with creating contact’s API


Thank you Guys
It solved :sweat_smile:


How did you solve this? I’d be interested in knowing. I have the same problem.

Seems that companies contain the hubspot_owner_id property but contacts don’t, leaving me hanging when I need to know that.

Were you able to get the owner id back from the api or just update it. Which property/key-val did you use?


Great! What was the solution? I’m hitting this problem now.

I’m creating a new contact in a custom application and at the same time creating it in HubSpot… works great! Except that I can’t set the owner in HubSpot. So the custom app has an owner, but the HubSpot account does not have an owner.

How did you fix this?


Same here - trying to set the owner via the api but I am getting this error:

StatusCodeError: 400 - {“status”:“error”,“message”:“property cannot be missing or null”,

I am trying to set ‘hubspotOwnerId’ as a property.


Obviously I had a type and wasn’t setting the property but the propert…


I have the same problem.
Could someone please explain how this is done???



Hi @yuleidy (and others),

The hubspot_owner_id property is the default property that manages contact ownership. This property takes an owner's ID, which you'll need to use the Owners API to get: