Set the companyId




Is it possible to set a company id when I create the company?

I am working on a service that would synchronize data from another platform into Hubspot. I want to associate the ID from the first platform with the company created in Hubspot. I was able to do this by using a custom property.

Unfortunately, I can not search companies by properties other than Hubspot Id or domain, as I understand from here: Is it possible to find a company by a property in the API?

I believe that if the company created in Hubspot would have the same id as the one in the other platform, my problem will be solved.



HI @adistrate,

It’s not possible to set the company id when creating a company in HubSpot; the company id is generated automatically when the company is created. Is it possible for the ID from the other platform to match the company id in HubSpot? Or to store the HubSpot id in this external system so that you can use it to make requests?


We will try to store the Hubspot id somehow.

Can you tell me when the feature where you can find a company by a property will be implemented? Or at least if it will be implemented.



Hi @adistrate,

I’m not aware of any plans to implement custom property search in the near future. I can see the use for though, and I would recommend going to the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community so that our product team can read your use case.