Set up custom forms in wordpress and pass data using forms api



I’m currently building my forms in Wordpress. I then want to post data to my HubSpot forms using the forms API. I have little experience with WordPress, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it. Right now I’m building it as a plugin. How would you do it?


Hi @eddieace,

I'm not particularly familiar with Wordpress development, but one thing you'll want to make sure to do is to send the actual submission server side (see below). I look forward to hearing how other community members have handles similar scenarios.


Hi @eddieace

Yes, a plugin is a good approach if you want to push data from WordPress into HubSpot.

In your plugin you’ll need to set up OAuth to give WordPress access to the HubSpot API.

Personally I recommend saving your data into the WordPress database (using Advanced Custom Fields or something similar) before you try sending the data. That way your data won’t be lost if there’s a glitch in the matrix.

Have fun


Can I know which plugin is best ?


Hi @Anterpreet_Kaur

The best (easiest) place to start is HubSpot's WordPress Plugin:

Also you could try Gravity Forms with the HubSpot Connector.

We couldn't find anything that would do exactly what we wanted to do so we built our own plugin(s).

If you're a PHP Developer I recommend using Ryan Winchester's "HubSpot PHP API client". 

Without knowing what you're trying to achieve it's difficult to know what to recommend.

Feel free to add more detail in the forum and we'll see what we can suggest.

Have fun