Set up external endpoint to spread changes in companies


Hi! I'm working in the integration of my client's data with the Hubspot structure. We have a MySQL database with all the companies, which we've exported to Hubspot, but we need to have them updated in our system as they are updated in Hubspot.

I've been thinking on cron scripts that update all the companies twice a day in a low load hour (let's say, 3am and 7pm), but we'd still have our data desynchronized if a change is made in the early hours of the day. My users will have an option to update an individual company, of course, if this change is very urgent.

But it would be awesome if I could set up an endpoint, external to hubspot, that brings me the changes my users make in Hubspot at the moment, so I can process them and proceed with the change as well. I'd only need the companyId of the updated company, but of course all data would be awesome. Does such feature exists right now in Hubspot? Is there another way, apart from manual and programmed sync, to bring the updates made on Hubspot to my system?

Thank you in advance for your kind answers!


Hi @juancruzbasebone,

Sounds like the Webhooks API would be perfect for your use case; the Webhooks API can send real-time updates when objects are created/deleted/updated, depending on the configuration. Check out the docs here: