Setting Event Type "objectType" in Web UI


In the web UI for a given application I can create Event Types. They are created with the objectType of “CONTACT” as I can see via API call that lists my event types:

    "id": 19027,
    "name": "Donut eaten",
    "headerTemplate": "Donut Eaters",
    "detailTemplate": null,
    "applicationId": 55331,
    "objectType": "CONTACT"

I have the ability to set the objectType via the API be in the web ui I see no way to change it to COMPANY, or DEAL.

Am I missing something?


Hi @homerlex,

The ability to change an event type’s objectType is currently only possible through the API. Product is currently working on bringing the functionality to the developer portal UI, though there’s no timeframe for this yet.