Setting Root Domain Redirect from Cloudflare to HubSpot Subdomain



One of our clients uses Cloudflare for their root domain. While we were able to get all their subdomains (including www) setup on HubSpot, we're having issues where the root domain isn't redirecting to the subdomain.

I couldn't find any documentation on setting up the root domain redirect to the HubSpot hosted www, since all the documentation revolves around godaddy, networks solutions, or other common DSPs.

I found this article that could work, but if somoene who has done this before could verify this would work with Cloudflare, that would be great!

Any info would be appreciated.


Patrick Eng


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

I'm not familiar with Cloudflare forwarding specifically, but that sounds like it should work. Interested to hear from others with more direct experience as well.


Hi @Patrick_Eng - did you have any luck with that? I've come across a similar situation (come across it more and more actually) where a root domain is in use and Cloudflare is providing the DNS.


@philvallender, Yes! We sent them the article and they were able to make all the needed changes for us.

It looks that article is the best way to get the root domain to redirect.


@Patrick_Eng Thanks - was this working on your https domains or only http?


@philvallender, I don't have the specifics, but from my understanding, they redirected simply from all naked URLs to www versions, which then were automatically redirected from http to https in HubSpot.

When I search the site in any browser from the naked domain, it just goes immediately to the https www version immediately, so there's no noticeable redirect besides the naked to www. Hope that helps!