Setting the company lifecycle through the API




Hello, I’d like to set an account lifecycle thru API directly from our web app. i.e. when a trial account subscribes to one of our paid plan, I’d like to tell Hubspot that this account is now a “customer”. I don’t see in the Hubspot API doc how to do this. Is it possible ?


@aliou You can do it through our update a company endpoint, or our update a contact endpoint depending on what you mean by an “account”


Thanks! Sorry by account I mean a company. I tried updating using the update endpoint on a company with lifecycle_stage as a property but it didn’t work. Is there something that I am missing?


@aliou Did you create a property called lifecylce_stage first?


I’m trying to update the lifecycle stage property that exists by default in the company.


@aliou There is no default lifecycle stage for a company. There is one by default on a contact though. You will need to make the property first. This can be done in the UI or by the API as well.


I’m not sure I follow you. I looked in the company properties list in the settings and I have the following :


@aliou you got me! that is new to me. I would make sure you have the right internal name but it looks like you do.

What didn’t work about your API call? What was the response back from our servers?


Well it just started working :thinking:, I must have done something wrong the first time. Sorry for wasting your time.


@aliou no dumb questions here and I learned something about our default properties on a Company, thanks for the update on it working now