SettingsID=1119 not enabled for SyncKey


Hey All,

@Derek_Gervais, @andyk, tagging you gentleman in based on your previous posts.

I am getting the following error message when upserting contacts via Ecom bridge API:

"details": "Sync settings 1119 not enabled for SyncKey{objectType=CONTACT, portalId=4673112, settingsId=1119, externalObjectId=7, toSyncMessageKey=SyncMessageKey{portalId=4673112, settingsId=1119, externalObjectId=7}}",

When I check Ecommerce Install I get the following:

"installCompleted": true,
"ecommSettingsEnabled": true

And on settings:

"enabled": true,
"importOnInstall": true,
"productSyncSettings": {
"properties": [


Any guidance on why the error message is saying that the Sync settings are not enabled?


@NickMontagu If you look again, those errors appear to have been resolved.
I'm guessing you saw them before they got automatically resolved. Here's a little explanation:

First, when retrieving errors from /sync-errors, you can provide an optional query param showResolvedErrors=true, and you can see the error for extId 7 was resolved.

Second, the error type SETTINGS_NOT_ENABLED is about what you guessed it was. You're using the ecommbridge api on this portal directly, so this error means:

  • No sync settings were found for the portal
  • Or sync settings were found, but they were not enabled

Third, i'm guessing you did things in this order:

  1. Created settings, which were not enabled
  2. Sent sync messages, like for extId 7
  3. Enabled your ecomm settings

Since at #2 they weren't enabled, they didn't get synced.
But we store all sync messages that fail and attempt to retry them. When we retry is a big number.. like 1.5 days.
So then

  1. The sync messages were retried, and now that settings were enabled, they synced properly

You could have also just sent the same sync message over if you didn't want to wait.

Does this all make sense and help?


Thanks for responding.

Actually I had re-sent the request a number of times and got the same result.

After we enabled Sales Pro the request went through without error.

AFAIK it has something to do with the fact that you can't sync Ecom API without having access to products which is only available in Sales Pro.




Interesting, I could try and dig into that more.

Thinking it over, there's also a delay between Ecomm setting changes and them being picked up by the sync process.
Is it possible that you set the settings to enabled, and then for a time after things seemed to not work?

Basically, we cache settings, and it refreshes something like.. every 30 minutes