Shopping cart data from custom build webshop



For a client we are trying to make a workflow for people who added a product to their shopping cart but didn’t finish the buying proces.

What we did was the following.

  • Once Someone ads a product to his checkout a Deal is automatically created within HubSpot assigned to the contact who did it.
  • The Deal is than assigned to a deal stage.
  • There is a workflow which triggers all contacts who started the deal but did nog finish it.
  • In the e-mail that is send to the contact we want to insert the following:
  1. Link to the URL that sends the contact imediately to the checkout page they abandoned.
  2. Image of the product they added to the checkout.

Point 1 I can figure out (through API create a field “Checkout page” and fill it with the specific URL). Point 2 I can’t figure out how to do it for a custom build webshop. We have an API connection between HubSpot and the Website so specific information is send from the website to HubSpot.

Does someone have a solution?