Should I use the Contacts API to create contacts?


When users log into my app, I'd like to push them to my HubSpot account (or if they already exist, update them). I thought about using the Contacts API, but I want to make sure that page views and original source information is included for these contacts. Is the Contacts API the best way to do this?


Welcome, @cdeed1130!

I'm glad you asked, because neither of page views or Original Source will appear on the contact record if you create it via the Contacts API!

As the warning on this article states:

Note: This endpoint is designed for offline contacts, and does not support lead tracking. If your contacts come through online forms, use the Form Submission endpoint.

The Forms API is the most robust method for creating contacts and maintaining tracking, but you can also use the tracking code's identify function as long as you pass an email value.