Show/Display Timeline Events in the left side view of the contacts view


I have created custom app integration and timeline events with some properties then associated with contacts and everything working fine.

My concern is, i just want to show my timeline events in sidebar of the contact view like “Deals” and “Company” in the sidebar.

Can you please let me know how to do this? this is very urgent for me.


@sathish There is not a way to move where the timeline events are displayed at the moment . They will only display under the timeline on the right hand side.


@pmanca: I have noticed in my client hubspot portals, some of the third party (like pandadoc,hellosign and etc.) integration displayed on the sidebar(left)


@sathish That is a result of using the CRM Extensions API and not a timeline event. Here is a link to that!


ok thanks for your help. Let me check with it and get back to you.


@pmanca: Is there any alternative way to contact you guys quickly.


@sathish yep you can call into our support!


@pmanca: ok thanks. Thanks so much for your help. let me check the CRM api.


@pmanca: I have integrated crm extension api in my contact but iframe view is not working to create new item. (when click “Create” button).


@sathish do you get any error messages from the system the API is reaching out to?


@pmanca: I have fixed this issue myself. Actually iframe is only working if the site is https instead of http. so I have https:// websites and it’s working fine. thanks.

How do I change timeline api template for each action?

For example, when i create new items i need to show like “New group is created” in timeline

when i did edit the items i need to show like “Group is updated” in timeline

can you please help for this?


@pmanca: Can you please respond me as soon as possible.


@sathish When someone performs an action on your 3rd party system are you creating a timeline event right now for it? You should be able to create a timeline event and dictate the status or a property of it like a “New Group is created” for example.

Here is a link to the docs.


@pmanca: @dadams @Robert_Ainslie hanks I done with it. Meanwhile I do have another queries,

when I have tried to access existing events by using the following api

but it is not rendering the results*********

and it’s showing the following errors

Event [EventKey(appId[******] eventTypeId[******] eventId[******])] not found

eventhough events are exists in the timeline.


Hi @pmanca: Can you please respond me as soon as possible.


Please don’t at mention other HubSpot users.

Can you post the full call you are trying to make? What is the event that you are trying to pull? You can only pull custom timeline events you made and not standard timeline events.



Please don’t at mention other HubSpot users. => Sorry for it, I was waiting for you one day that’s why i have tried with other hubspot team as well.

request url:****************

All custom timeline events only which i created via api.

ID of the event is 1797682466


@sathish Can you show me the body of the POST as well please? I am assuming you are passing in an updated property field to the timeline event. correct?


@pmanca: Are you asking about the POST for timeline event create ?


@sathish Yes, you gave me the URL you are making the call too but can you show me the body or the data that you are sending to that HubSpot URL?

my apologies it is a PUT request double checking the docs.