Show livestream telephony events inside crm


We want to build a custom connector inside CRM which can perform following operations:

  1. Listen to livestream telephony events.
  2. Create a logic inside the above connector to open certain pages (eg contacts page of crm)


Hi @Shashank_Saxena,

If you’re looking to surface data in a card in the CRM sidebar for contacts, companies, or deals, you’ll need to use the CRM Extensions API. I’ve included the docs for this API below:


Hi Derek,
I want to create an application inside Hubspot CRM which is similar to


Hi @Shashank_Saxena,

You’ll want to start by creating a developer portal and an app. From there, you can begin utilizing the CRM extensions API, timeline API, and various other API necessary to create an integration like JustCall.


Hi Derek,
Can you please specify exactly how do I create a click 2 call feature just like the one shown in below image


Hi @Shashank_Saxena,

I can’t speak to how exactly that particular integration functions; it was built by JustCall, not by HubSpot. I believe that particular functionality is part of their Chrome extension, since it’s not possible to natively add buttons/clickable links to contact properties in the HubSpot UI.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
Thanks for the clarification.
I am trying to place an outbound call from hubspot crm. To place an outbound call from hubspot crm: customer(contact) phone number and agent(owner) phone number is required.

After going through api doc i tried to use CRM extension APIs. According to api doc
an object can be created associating contact/company/deal and associated hubspot object properties will be passed to request specified in dataFetchUri. I can associate my object with contact specifying phone property so that i will get contact number in request whenever a owner loads a contact. The only bottleneck remains in terms of how to get logged in owner detail(phone) in request.

please provide suggestion. If there is any other way to achieve my requirements please update.


Hi @Shashank_Saxena,

Sounds very similar to this other topic I was helping someone with; is this a colleague of yours?

I’ll need a bit more information on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to use the built in HubSpot Calling feature to make these calls?


Hi Derek,

Currently hubspot provide calling feature through Twilio api. We are trying to provide similar calling feature to hubspot users using our(Knowlarity) click to call api.

please guide us how to achieve this.


Hi @Shashank_Saxena and @Gourav_Kumar,

I’m happy to help with specific questions on the HubSpot APIs, but without more context I can’t effectively help answer your questions. We don’t have a public API for making calls via the HubSpot calling tool; that must be done in-app. Can you give me any more specific info on what roadblocks you’re hitting?