Showing the contact card when incoming call occured


I need to implement a solution that allows to notify Hubspot of the arrival of an incoming call (I work for a telecom operator) by setting the caller's telephone number and the identifier of a connected agent on the CRM.
My question: Is it possible to trigger on the Hubspot frontend the display of the caller contact card on the station of the specified agent?

We already do this for Salesforce and Zendesk, which offers an API that can trigger events on the HMI for a particular agent.

In advance thank you for your return


Hi @sabrahamian,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, are you looking to trigger a notification (similar to a push notification) in HubSpot when a rep is receiving an inbound call? Or are you looking to track inbound calls as activities on the timeline of HubSpot contacts?



Thank you for your response.
I want to show the caller detail on the agent screen on Hubspot which receive the inbound call.
To do that I want to know if it is possible to trigger an event which show the customer card througouth your API.

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Hi @sabrahamian,

I understand; thanks for clearing that up! Right now, it's not possible to trigger notifications in the HubSpot app via API. You might consider creating a browser extension that notified reps of inbound calls instead.


Hi Derek,

Thank you.
Could you give me an example of creating a browser extension that notified reps of inbound calls or trigger an Hubspot contact search by phone number to show the contact list associated ?

The goal is to retreave the right contact searched by his phone incoming call number. The request will be made by our solution from another browser tab.
The constraint would be that the agent should already be logged on hubspot.


Hi @sabrahamian,

I'm not aware of any existing tools or integrations that function in this way. While I can help answer specific questions regarding the HubSpot APIs, I'm not the best resource for the design/architecture of an integration yet to be built. For more comprehensive assistance with the design and implementation of your integration, you might consider HubSpot's Technical Consulting: