Silent Failures on contact batch update



I am using to update contact properties for multiple contacts at once. We have noticed recently a large uptick in the number of updates which fail to process. This used to happen only when there was already a contact with the same email address in the app, but now it is happening regularly for no ascertainable reason. This causes a lot of problems for us, because we think our systems are in sync with hubspot, but actually hubspot sometimes has stale email addresses for our contacts.


Hi @Katherine_Wallace

Are entire batches failing, or just individual contacts in a batch? Are you getting any error responses when you’re seeing the updates fail?


We definitely are not getting back error responses. I’m not sure if it’s entire batches failing or just individual contacts, because we only find out we have a discrepancy with hubspot when it causes an error in our system by mismatched emails.


Can you message me directly with an example of the POST data you’re using for an update and a contact record that wasn’t updated that should have been?


@Katherine_Wallace I need a few more details for this, I’ll reach out to you directly.


@dadams I am having the exact same problem. I know for sure that I’m not getting any contacts imported into the system when I try this method.

I have imported each user individually through the API and didn’t have any errors with them. Only the bulk import is failing.