Single Send API Error | "message": "Email is in a draft state | "sendResult": "MISSING_CONTENT"


Getting Error while using Single Send API. Any guidelines?

"status": "error",
"message": "Email is in a draft state -- portalId: 4365787, emailId: 5622836079",
"correlationId": "12f92196-cea6-4d68-953d-1d428c1410f7",
"sendResult": "MISSING_CONTENT",
"requestId": "5e9738a66da2c344c5c871c8f539debb"


Hi @mjuneja,

That error means that the email is saved in HubSpot, but it's still a draft. You need to save the email for single send in order to make it available for sending: (Just jump to the part about selecting recipients)