Single Send api seems to have stopped working


Hi - We’re seeing errors sending transactional email. Error is comming back with

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Could not find content with ID 4719418623 for portalId 305265”,“correlationId”:“4645a444-14ef-4d0a-b4e6-30e4250d0f8b”,“sendResult”:“MISSING_CONTENT”,“requestId”:“46f7ce419b53cd1218540f62ad5cb9b4”}

I’ve just tried sending via cURL using a new empty template and getting that error. All our transaction emails are now failing and this is things we need to send ASAP to customer (e.g. invoices, licence details, password reset emails etc.)


+1 we are seeing the same thing


Sorry - this is a duplicate of another post. However to repeat myself - I just called support - and apparently they are aware and looking at it.