Single-send API


Do single-send API require different API key to send mail? I need to send mail to the contacts when a new contact is created or updated.


@Rijosh_Ravi No it does not. It does require the Transactional Email add on though.


Do I need to purchase something for this? How can I use the Transactional Email?
Thank you.


Is there any way I can use the Transactional Email API for free? I have a few items to test in my application. It’ll be great if I can test the mail function with a free API.


@Rijosh_Ravi Yes this is a purchased add-on, and we don’t have a free version of it at the moment.


@pmanca I think I my account have this add-on. How can I generate the Transactional API key? Can you please help me on this. Thank you.


@Rijosh_Ravi Here is the documentation on how to generate your SMTP tokens.