Single Send Email (transactional) broken?


I've created a template and I get this erro when using sinsl send email

{"status":"error","message":"Content is not valid for use with single send API. Requires subcategory 'single_send_api'","correlationId":"f8943930-ec69-4b1e-bfb4-a2a5dd65ba86","sendResult":"MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER","requestId":"3ea2d562fdf8f8538a4498bc0ea48c0a"}

The new UI simply does not have the button to set a template for single send.... the doc is outdated.


Hi @Francois_Proulx, normally this is because the email was saved for automation instead of for Single Send. Can you reply with your HubID and the email template you're sending here so I can take a closer look? Thank you!


Hi @Francois_Proulx, after some digging and connecting with Amy from Support, it appears that Single Send API emails are not able to be sent using Drag and Drop templates yet. The team is working on updating this, but taking a look at this drag and drop email in your HubSpot account and creating a test email (not drag and drop) myself here, we can see my email is able to be saved for Single Send API but the one you'd set up using the D & D editor cannot. Please use non drag and drop email templates for the Single Send API moving forward



This is the template I'm editing

I have selected "Transactional" as the Subscription type


Hi @Francois_Proulx, looks like we replied at the same time. Please see my previous response for the solution.


Looks like it works now.

You should update your doc or make it clearer it does not work with Beta drag and drop in the UI.


Definitely should be clearer @Francois_Proulx. An exciting update I just received is that this should actually be available for Drag and Drop templates by the end of the week. Keep an eye out!