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Hi all :wave:

I've been tasked with rebuilding an existing HubSpot site from scratch and I'm hoping to get some insight on the best way to approach it. This is my first time working with HubSpot, so forgive my ignorance.
I've downloaded the Vast 'starter theme' (I heard that it's a good idea to use it as a base) and setup my local HubL server.

Basically the aim is to rebuild the site based on the company's new styleguide/pattern library (which I'm also building). Ideally I'd like to build it in a way that gives the marketing team the ability to quickly build out pages with these components (using Design Manager?) and limit any custom code that needs to be written (ideally zero).

I'm thinking that Custom Modules would be the best way to achieve this. From what I can tell the only way to create one is in JSON, meaning the majority of the markup would be in an string. Is an alternative approach that I haven't thought of?
I've also seen code like {% linked_image "wizard_module_132975146821281301859956560278824833351" ... throughout the codebase. What is the wizard_module_... used for?

Hubspot Grid
From my understanding the COS uses a version of the Bootstrap v2 grid for layout. If I remove the markup associated with it from the templates, does this break the COS? Should I instead override the selectors?

If anyone could point me in the right direction with any of this, or even just some advice for a newby building on the platform, it would be_really_ appreciated.



Hi @lewisvrobinson,

I'd recommend starting by signing up for the new design manager beta, since it includes a new updated editor. Outside that, you can create custom modules in the design manager that folks can use in drag & drop templates. The resources I've included below cover custom modules and the new design manager in detail. I'm not totally sure what you mean by removing the bootstrap markup, but I would guess that might break something.

Lastly, HubL & other aspects of front end development are sometimes considered 'design', so I'd strongly recommend checking out the Design Forum on the HubSpot Community!


Thanks for your help @Derek_Gervais, I'll check out those resources and have a poke around the design forum ::+1:


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
is it possible to synchronize custom modules made in beta Designer Manager to local-hubl-server?
I've downloaded latest beta server & synchronized modules into custom-modules, but it gives me an Exception on startup.
Please, let me know whether is it due to misconfiguration or it hasn't been implemented yet to local hubl server?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @David_Hlidek,

Can you create a new topic with your Hub ID and any other relevant details so that I can take a closer look?