Site search beta


Hi, About the site search beta.

I don't know if you can help me out with some technical issues

those are the questions:

-How to sort the results by language? (This example contains both English and Japanese), the language is not working, maybe its a bug on your side?

-How to get other elements from blog post in this list? (Thumbnail, Publish date, Author, etc.,)

-How to change the page HTML title?


Hi @Joseph_Baaklini,

  1. The &language= parameter can be included to filter results by language. This parameter should obey the ISO639-1 format (e.g. es for Spanish), so make sure that you're including the correct language code. I've included a link to a list of ISO 639-1 codes (see below).
  2. The &length= parameter specifies the length of the search results. Can be set to LONG or SHORT: SHORT will return a short highlight of the meta description, whereas LONG will build the snippet based on the html/content of the page.
  3. Are you referring to the search results page? Since the search results page is a system page, customization options are limited; it's not currently possible to customize the HTML title. I'd encourage you to create an idea on the HubSpot Community's Ideas Forum for this use case.