SLACK channel for Ecommerce bridge integration discussion


Hey All,

There seems to be a few of us here tackling the Ecommerce Bridge @Walter_Anderson, @Tyler_Beckert, etc..

Just wondering if you would be interested in joining a slack channel where we can discuss implementation strategy, blockers and wins that we are facing. We can then report back solutions or agreed issues/bugs to the developer forum?

Team work makes the dream work, what do you all think?


I'd be happy to join! I'm facing an eComm integration project in the next month or smth, and so far it looks pretty hairy and scary to me


Sounds great, I would be glad to join. I'm currently developing a complete API integration between HubSpot and a custom ecommerce platform. I've got it working, but have uncovered what appear to be many issues with the Ecommerce Bridge functionality during this process.



So for those who are interested send me an email at:

Just so you don't get lost in my inbox please use subject line: Ecom SLACK - add me.

I will setup different channels for #API, #whatwouldyoudoif, #process

The purpose of this chat is NOT to replace posting valuable questions to the developer Forum. Rather it is to create a working group to help bring meaningful discoveries back to this forum.