Smart Content doesn't work for Automated Emails?


We have a deal workflow that sends an email to associated contacts. In the email template we have a smart content rule(list membership), that shows different content to associated contacts based on list membership. However, this only works when manually sending the email to contacts/list.

Is this expected behaviour or should the smart rule be working?


Hi @anders_grove, I would expect smart content to work for automated emails and manually sent emails. Would you mind linking me to:

  1. the email you're working on.
  2. a contact that received the email with incorrect content?

Just as a note, Support may be able to better troubleshoot this issue since these forums are primarily used for custom API related questions, and our forums don't have a service level agreement for response times, though we try to address all posts if we can. I'm still happy to help you out here of course though, just wanted to make sure you get the fastest response possible.


Hey Connor,

Thanks for the response, I did log a support ticket in the interim and I'm sure they will be investigating. Just thought I might get a quicker response here. I'm relatively certain it isn't the expected behaviour.

Some background on the issue:

We use the API to create a deal and associate 2 contacts. An deal automation workflow then simply triggers emails to be sent to the associated contacts.

The email template I'm using has a Rich Text module that has a smart rule activated: If contact is member of a list - show different content.

If I send this email on it's own to individual contacts the smart rule works, however when the email is sent via automation through the deal workflow, the smart rule always shows default content, regardless of list membership.


Hi @anders_grove, they are usually a bit quicker (< 24hours for a response), but no worries. Thanks for that extra info -- I'm happy to help you out here if you can link me to the email in HubSpot that you're working on and a contact that did not receive the correct content.