Smartlists acting wierd



We are using smartlist for filtering out people we want to send to our TM where filtering is pretty basic.

Not having completed an event, sent an email and not marked as customer.

The issue now i am getting confused about is that one of these list , created 14 Oct, current have 8 active leads. We found an issue with the customer flag so we created a clone of this list an added a AND criteria an to our surpise got more(!) leads , 11 of them.

So again we just created a clone from the first list and did nothing else and when that list had processed it had 29 leads.

So i have two smartlist , one old and one created today with exactly the same filters but with completely different results.
Any idea why this would happen? Changes in the backend of HS or issue with Events that isnt reflected in older lists?



@Daniel_D This doesn’t sound right to me. I think your best bet would be to call into support and provide them the use case. If there is a bug they can file it for you to make sure we get that cleaned up.