SOAP UI and Hubspot AP


Hi - has anyone ever use SOAPUI for restAPI integration? just wondering how you found it and whether it was easy to get it going. I for one am struggling.




Hi @Martin_Hamilton

I was able to download SOAP UI and make a request to HubSpot’s API and see the response, however, to be honest I much prefer using Postman personally. It’s very simple for testing requests. I can see where having a more complex set of features could be useful (it’s nice that it breaks down the base URL vs the specific Endpoint and organizes it for you), I just haven’t found it worth the trouble personally.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Zack - I also used postman and managed to do what i needed to do. which was associating a deal to a company. Am wondering when the bulk load function will allow this function as its a bit of a barrier when trying to migrate from with high volumes ( i see the API does include the companyID)