Social Sharing Blog Module: Twitter Sharing Icon is missing in Edge Browser


Hi Team,
We’ve consumed Social Sharing Module on our blog template and is working as desired in case of Chrome, IE and Firefox but in case of Edge browser the twitter sharing Icon is missing. Although the rest of the Sharing options like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ are working fine.

Anyone facing the same issue?
PFA the screenshot of same.

Abhishek Bhardwaj


@Abhishek_Bhardwaj Can you link me the url to the page so I can see if I can replicate it on my end? The picture is very convincing so likely I will be able to see it and then I can pass it along to the specific engineering team that will handle that.


Hey Peter,
Thanks for the prompt response, here is the url :



Where do I click to generate the light-boxing effect you showed above? I just seem them in the bottom right.

(on chrome)