[SOLVED] Populate Form with Value while loading or $(document).ready()


How would I populate the hubspot form with a value either during or after page load.

If I link to http://www.mydomain.com/pagename.php?FormFieldName=VALUE

The Hubspot Form Field is populated with the VALUE.

How do I do this without passing the value in a querystring?

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Jason,

To figure out the selector for the field, you should just inspect the field on the page to find the name of that field, then you can use $('[name="X"]') as your selector. That name will be static for a given HubSpot field/property. As far as an event to time it with, I would recommend using $(window).load(). That will guarantee that the HubSpot form has had time to fully load before you try to populate the field.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for your help.

That was what I was looking for. I found this in the documentation. http://developers.hubspot.com/manipulating-forms-with-jquery

below is my Javascript inside of PHP. Thanks million.

   	jQuery(\'input[name="ei"]\').val(\'' . $DMWebinarID . '\').change();
    jQuery(\'input[name="webinar_type"]\').val(\'' . $WebcastType . '\').change(); 
	jQuery(\'input[name="webinar_primary_discipline"]\').val(\'' . $PrimaryDiscipline .  '\').change(); 

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