Some contacts don't receive page views from Segment


We are using Segment to integrate Hubspot on our platform. Until August 24th, this integration was working fine. Since then, we saw a spike in the number of “Offline source” contacts while we know they are from online sources.

The only correlation I could find between new users which are assigned correctly and those who aren’t is the “page views” events on Hubspot. For those which are set to “Offline”, they don’t have any page views in their history on Hubspot. Since this is probably what you use to set “Original Source Type” correctly, this would explain why the contacts are wrongly assigned to “Offline sources”.

All of our other analytics tools, like Mixpanel, which are connected through the same Segment account have all the information correctly set. They have email, name, page views, and all the other information we send through Segment. I’m wondering why Hubspot don’t have the same information for a certain percentage of users.


Hi @mprovencher,

The categorization rules for the Original Source properties are listed in the Knowledge Base article below. Contacts created via an import, the API, or manually through the UI will be listed as Offline Sources. Other Original Source values are assigned based on the various rules listed in the doc. Can you reach back out with a link to a contact record that shows Offline Sources, but should show a different value?


Hi @Derek_Gervais I have the links. Martin is away. Would I be able to DM you or is there a contact I can send them to?