Some email events are not showed in Contact Timeline




I have strange issue with few contacts on our Production portal (2744722).

Email click activities are not visible for them in Timeline.

But when we are calling email events API these events exist.

Seems when field “filteredevent” is set True activity is hidden somehow.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


Hi @ogrygor,

Can you send me a link to an example contact in HubSpot?


Hi Derek.

Here you are:

Thank you


I`ve found one common thing for all that “hidden” clicks.
All of them are clicks on our company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts or “View this email as a web page” link.

Seems HubSpot treats such clicks as some kind of “technical”.

Could anyone confirm that?



Hi @ogrygor,

We filter activity that looks like it might be be bot clicks or other non-legitimate behavior. These bot clicks don’t show up in the UI, but they are returned in the email events API results. In the case of that example contact, the click event occurred at the same instant the email was delivered, which likely means it’s the result of an email client bot navigating to links to confirm they’re not malicious. You can ignore events with filteredEvent:true to match the contents of the UI.


Hi @Derek_Gervais , thank you.

I will also filter these events in my integration.