Source of API that's changing our custom contact property



I bulk edited a custom customer property in our Hubspot CRM a couple of days ago, but an (for us unknown) API changed it a couple of days later. Our development team doesn't use this specific property in their API and asked me to find out what the specific source is. I can't find this information in the history of the property. I reached out to the 'normal' Hubspot Support, but they directed me to this forum.

So in short, could somebody help me find out which API changed our 'Customer Tier' property? I'll attach some documents.

Thanks in advance!

Link to contact


hey @tomschoorstra, Taking a look at the JSON data for that property change, it looks like the source of this change was from a sales meeting booked. The form to book a meeting that the customer filled out had that property on it, and the property was subsequently updated by the customer. This is definitely a confusing category to bucket those types of conversions under, so I'm going to reach out to my team to see if we can get that changed in the future. "API" is certainly not the best category to bucket that action under and can see how that was confusing.