Spaces Added to Multi-Select Fields Through Form Submissions


It appears that when someone fills out a HubSpot Form and there is a multi-select field that the options that are selected have spaces that are added to the front of all options that come after the first. Here’s an example:

ALL INCLUSIVE YACHT with Captain and Chef; CAPTAIN ONLY you provision and cook; BAREBOAT self skippered with experience required; BAREBOAT WITH SKIPPER we hire a captain you provision and cook; CABIN ONLY on an all inclusive catamaran

You can see there is a space after the “;” in each option. The setting for this multi-select field shows no spaces or special characters in the values and the form itself where this field lives also had the fields removed then added back just to be sure that it was not storing old values. After this was done, we ran another test to see if the spaces would still show and they indeed still come down from the submission.

This is an issue with our integration as in the other system (Sugar in this case), there are no spaces in the front of the options and so when this data is getting sent over to Sugar, the options with spaces in front are not displaying.

Anyone know if this spacing is on purpose from the HubSpot form submission on a multi-select and if so, what the reasoning behind the spaces are?


Hi @Luke_Owen

There should not be extra spaces between the semicolon and the next option, and this seems like an issue with how the form submission combines the options together. I’m sending this along to our Forms team and I’ll let you know when this is fixed.


Hi @Luke_Owen

I talked to our Forms team, and that space has been in place for several years at this point, and it’s not something that we can easily change. You’ll need to account for the extra space when pulling values from HubSpot (our UI does this by stripping spaces from the start and end of each value between the semicolons).


Sounds good Adams. And I started to wonder if it was a standard formatting practice. We should be able to address on our end.