Spitfire Dialer Api Integration


We're trying to connect Hubspot to Spitfire Dialer. We're looking for someone who could advise us with how to connect these two systems. In essence, the API needs to pop the contact record up. Spitfire is coming back to us saying...

"I was able to do some testing for it on the lookups. If they want to screen pop a "Contact" or "Companies" lookup, the URL looks like

In the above URL, it looks like there is a unique field 604451, but it is not in the form "ID=604451". We will need the URL parameters to have a "name=value" format which is missing web-based URL address for a given record in SalesForce, MS Dynamics and most web based browsers will include a reference to the ID using [fieldname]=[value], e.g. ID=604451, not just the value dropped into the address line as in the HubSpot example Supriya provided, above.

So our question was, can HubSpot support a record lookup using [fieldname]=[value] in the URL for a given record?"

"I browsed through the API docs but it's not of much use. We cannot use their API to do a screen pop. We will need the URL to be of the format I mentioned earlier (name= value) of the unique identifier, so we can send the value of the custom field as a URL parameter and do the screen pop.

So, while this is do-able, we will have to use the other route.. which is to send keystrokes. First, we will screen pop the 'All Contacts' page, and then send keys with contact name and appropriate number of tabs to open the contact record."

Any help/advise would be appreciated.


Hi @kelsey,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, they aren't able to navigate to a record's URL unless you can specify the record ID as a query parameter? Generally, folks will just use the URL in this form:


And dynamically insert the relevant Hub ID and contact ID. If that's not possible here, there isn't really an out-of-the-box way to 'pop' a record in the way they're describing. I can help answer other specific technical questions they might have when working on this, though.