SQL integration to HubSpot



Are there any ways to connect SQL with HubSpot
Right now we have all our live data in SQL, such as Customer/contact/product information.

And I want these data to auto sync to HubSpot.

So whenever we have a new contact in the SQL database, this contact information will automatially get updated in HubSpot. And the same with Cusomers..

Can anyone tell me which API I should use? Or is it just possible to do this through for example Zapier?

Help please :slight_smile:


Hi Lup,

Note, I am not a HubSpot employee, just someone writing their own integration with HubSpot so thought I would try and help out as I have asked a few questions in this forum.

Zapier would probably be your best bet if you don't have experience with any other programming languages such as VB or C# etc.

If you are able to program, then it might be worth using the hubspot API to write an application to keep these in sync which is what I am currently doing.

I hope this helps somewhat.


Hi @rainsfordt

We are a software Company, so we definitely got the power to write an application with c# or VB. I just needed to know before we looked into this.

Should we maybe catch up on e-mail, you are welcome to sent me an e-mail: lup@mindworking.dk with your contact information. in that way we can maybe help each other :slight_smile:

We have also bought the Service Hub, so we will also do integration the ticket and conversation part.



@Lup We've worked with a number of teams on HubSpot who sync their SQL database in via Hull. Common use cases we've seen are to capture product usage data or sync up a data warehouse.

One key challenge with this is calculating the difference on new data and avoiding sending any "silent" updates into HubSpot to prevent burning through API credits. This is hard to do with webhooks or Zapier for a significant volume of data.

We manage this with our SQL Importer which queries for new updates on schedule, and sync only updates with new data to external services.

Here's a little more how it works:


Disclaimer: I work at Hull (HubSpot Connect partner), and previously contracted with HubSpot