Squarespace Forms to Hubspot Forms


Hello Friends. Thanks in advance for any help here.

I'm on-boarding w/ HS and found out my squarespace template does not work with HS forms b/c of Ajax code. I do have the forms integrated w/ HS so I'm collecting all of data but want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Does anyone have any best practices or a checklist for using 3rd party form integration?

This resource says the following: "We suggest that you create a unique form within HubSpot to parallel your custom website form. This will make it easy to track submissions on that particular custom form in the future."

I've provided some screenshots and could really use some better understanding of what is happening here and what HS is asking me to do by "COPY THIS FORM TO HS".



Welcome, @Mat_MacDonell.

Correct me if I'm misunderstanding you, but it sounds like HubSpot is collecting submissions on your Squarespace form — which is still live on your site — as a "Non-HubSpot Form" in the forms tool.

While HubSpot will continue to listen for submissions on the Squarespace form, the non-Hubspot forms tool is limited in aspects "native" HubSpot forms are not.

That prompt is asking whether you want HubSpot to automatically copy the fields on your Squarespace form and create a new native HubSpot form with the same fields. You can then either use this native HubSpot form on your site or point Forms API submissions to it. (To be transparent, the hope is that you'll choose to use our form over Squarespace's.)

Please let me know if I can clarify further!


Thanks Issac! This is great.

I would much prefer to use HS forms on my site but I'm running into the issue that the template I use on SquareSpace uses AJAX.From what I'm reading I cannot use the HS forms when AJAX is enabled.
-When I embed the form from HS into my template is comes up as "Script Disabled".

If you know a work-around outside of using a non-hubspot form in this scenario, please let me know.

If there is not work-around, I'm interested in Best Practices for using non-hubspot forms.
-Am I ever going to be able to see data like "Views", "Submissions Rates" etc.?

I also found this page which described some potential work-arounds. Is there anything here that makes sense to you?
-I'm not opposed to turning AJAX off and sacrificing "smooth loading" for native HS forms.

What would you recommend here?

Thanks in advance!


Hey Issac,

I don't wan't to break anything by disabling AJAX on my template but I'm not opposed to losing the "smooth loading" for using native HS forms.

Does anything on this page stand-out as a better solution than completing disabling AJAX across my entire site? https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/152385/jquery-header-code-injection-not-running-after-ind.html


Hey, @Mat_MacDonell.

Thanks for sharing all of this information! After reviewing it and some internal documentation, I see three options:

  1. Keep using non-HubSpot forms and retain all AJAX functionality. Our system will listen for submissions and your visitors will enjoy all the speed and browsing benefits of AJAX on your Squarespace site, but we won't be able to track form views and calculate submission rates (from form views and submissions).
  2. Disable AJAX across your site and embed a native HubSpot form. You'll be able to see form views and submission rates, but there may be unintended effects on your Squarespace site beyond the "infinite scroll" functionality. Our team does not plan to create a version of the form embed code which is fully compatible with Squarespace's unique way of loading page content with AJAX, so I don't want to give you false hope that a solution will be developed in the near future.
  3. Build a custom form that works on Squarespace and send submissions through the Forms API. HubSpot does have a Forms API endpoint (the same as I shared before) that supports AJAX. While this endpoint allows you to fully customize forms on your site going forward, this will require developer assistance and the forms still won't display views and submission rates in HubSpot.

Given that you're just getting started with HubSpot and I don't have a picture of all the AJAX benefits your visitors are enjoying, I actually recommend staying the course with option 1 at this time. In my mind, option 2 is overly risky at this stage — while you're trying to refine your inbound strategy — and option 3 is both expensive and technical overkill.

I'm heading on vacation shortly, so I'll be out of office over the next week. If you have follow-up questions, please don't hesitate to comment below. One of my colleagues on the Developer Support Team will be available to help!

Finally, could you share your Hub ID? I'd like to let your implementation specialist and/or account manager know of this conversation.