SSL Error on Chrome When accessing the website


We recently migrated to HubSpot's hosted solution using their COS.

However, we get SSL error when access -->Thats our domain.

However, when access we do not see an error.
Also, HubSpot advised us that they do not host apex domains, so I had to redirect our apex domain to
www(This works) but with www, our users are facing SSL Error.

Any advise on how to fix it?


Hi @redswitches,

I've run a few tests and have not encountered any SSL errors:

Are you still experiencing this behavior? If so, please describe the exact steps you take to replicate the SSL error.


Hey, We managed to fix it. HubSpot could not really help us out.

Solution I used was to use CloudFlare DNS service. CF by default issues SSL for all the domains under it. Thats how we managed to solve this issue.

Thanks for the response.


Hey, @redswitches,

I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. I'll make note of your solution for similar posts in the future.