Standard setup to use the form API in the frontend


We use the form embeds on our website but we are experiencing problems with people blocking the embeds using ghostery. I want to implement a fallback to the API and I was wondering want kind of setup people here used.
I am assuming I need to proxy the API through our server to keep my key secret. Is there a way to do it differently? I know you can POST without auth but I can’t see a way to fetch the form data first.


Hey @tim_qubit!

Shay here, Product Manager on the Forms team here in HubSpot. I actually have some pretty good news on this one, we’ve been working on a fallback state for forms that will ensure all leads have an opportunity to convert, even if they have a resource blocking extension like Ghostery in use. We’re getting close to completing this work, and once complete all your forms should get the update automatically so no work needed on your side.

We’re also planning a more robust improvement for forms on COS hosted pages that will ensure the fallback state itself should be needed in even fewer circumstances. Ensuring instead that the actual form will render and work as it normally does. We have a bit more work to do on this more wholistic solution for COS pages, but we’re making great progress on the fallback state for all forms. As we have more news on it I can definitely keep you posted here if that works :slight_smile:



Wow that sounds fantastic, can you share a general ETA on this?


We’re starting testing internally very soon so hopefully not too long. As we progress we’ll keep you posted here. So far things are looking good, no major unforeseen issues or roadblocks so likely somewhere in the one to two week time range.