Started to get Error: missing or unknown hub id



Just started to get “Error: missing or unknown hub id” but I know my hub ID is in my configuration. I’m guessing this is because my trial portal expired? When I connect to my other account (which is presumably our production account) I do not have permission to connect the app to our platform via OAuth2.

Is the fix to ask for access to connect to the real app? But I thought I had done that on our production site…so I’m a bit confused which app I’m supposed to use and how to connect them.

How do I connect all of our dev environments (many apps) to a developer version of our hubspot app that will not impact production? And also never expire? Thanks!


Hi @notbrain,

While test portals expire after 90 days, you can renew them indefinitely from the test portals dashboard. Your best bet is to create a test portal to use with your app, and renew it from the dashboard for as long as you need it. The following article has some info on renewing test portals: