Strategy Question


We are looking to streamline our process. Right now, there are alot of steps that are currently taken to add a blog to our website. First they go into hubspot, create the blog, then go into the website and feed that blog.

Our thought is this:

If we create all blogs in wordpress and integrate hubspot (which we did) this should feed all tracking and metrics in our hubspot account. It would just cut out the extra step.

I hope this makes sense but again happy to set up a call and talk it out more. We obviously dont want to loose any of the functionality from hubspot however, it seems like the plugin from hubspot is really extensive and should provide everything Berdon needs.

In summary, if it makes sense too:

  • Going forward, create the blogs in wordpress (remove subdomains)
  • Utilize the hubspot plugin and integrate with berdonllp account for tracking and metric.


Hi, @maxburst.

I'm coordinating with Tony and Kevin to get you the best support and advice. Kevin should be opening a support ticket with you shortly. If you have any technical questions in preparation for your call next week, please let him know. While I won't be joining the call, I will be working with Kevin to answer these technical questions as they come up.